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Anonymous said: I want to share my wife, how should bring topic to her?

the old trick is to find a single guy you like, ask him to come on to her. 



Anonymous said: Do you get nervous and upset after you come. that happens to me, I don't try to come until I am home. I feel so shitty after its over.

Let me make sure, You are a guy  Right ?  



“How a CUCKOLD and his young HOT WIFE play

I like to start with a lobster dinner and wine. white wine.
later we shop for club clothes at a busy porn shop.
she puts on skimpy outfits and shows me, the men stare.
we go to a hot bar so she can look for the right man.
she walks in alone and strolls , the men all know.
she is shy at first but being watched excites her.
Its only a matter of time until the right eyes meet hers
i watch as she boldly walks over to one lucky man and flirts..
they start to whisper, their lips get closer and closer.
i buy them drinks. ask them to slow dance for me.
we sit at the a back table and talk. at last they kiss
i see her squeeze his cock under the table to check it.

they sit in the back seat and smooch, i drive to a motel.
we go to our motel room, her blouse is open, tits out
she turns and locks the door and slowly struts for us

she rips opens his shirt, licks his nipples, grabs his head to kiss him.
we pass her back and forth, tease her, call her names.
we both kiss her and play with her. he asks me if she can give head.
i say sure , she nods. when he unzips his cock ! a big one stands up !
she kneels in front of him, licks his cockhead and smiles at me
she head fucks him hard , his cock gets very stiff , her ass wiggles
he pinches her nipples now , she lays down on the floor, moaning
then her legs open, she is coming, she comes as we both watch
I sit by her and massage her back , she relax’s and smiles

i move her to the bed, kiss her lips and say ‘ready darling’ ?
she opens her legs again to shows us her pussy. it is tight and young.
her pussy is so hot we can feel it, it is swollen , the clit is huge
i look right at him and say ‘FUCK MY WIFE’.
first he sucks her cunt, her clit sticks up more , he fingers her.
her face goes RED , she is almost crying , he gets naked .
his cock is now huge and stiff, I feel so small now.

i watch a big cockhead slip into her. I just watch. wow.
her cunt lips stretch and his cockhead comes out wet.
i hear her incredible moans and sloppy sex sounds.
she gets ‘that’ look in her eyes, an amazing teasing hot look

she knows if I leave that i want her to suduce him.
i go for beer, so they can get serious and whisper.
she gets his number , he says he is single with apartment
who knows what else they say to each other, while they can

when i come back she is on top, they are slamming it wildly
i tremble at the passion in her eyes. her nipple are like cherries
i watch to see her if her tummy swells as he goes in hard. it does
he is in deep, his cock bulges her belly, the sight will stay with me.
i smile as he pumps his load DEEP into her pussy. she looks at me.
they come and come and come as i sit and watch her eyes and lips
if she falls for him and asks to follow him home, i must say yes now.

later at home, we kiss and hug. her kiss’s are smoking hot.
her tongue is wet and slimy, i taste it and get excited again
she still wants more, her pussy is still swollen and dripping.
her pussy is coated with sperm, my sperm spurts out red hot
i get my sloppy seconds, she sleeps with our sperm in her.

in the morning she thanks me for being ‘understanding’
i hear her singing in the kitchen. she is so very happy.
that evening she asks me if she can go upstairs and call him.
I am secretly afraid but I say yes. I always do. I cry sometimes
but she calls him just to say thanks , she wants to try another.

a half true cuckold/hot wife story by Wifeshare 1-2-2. I wrote this about after perfect night out. remember that no written story can capture the intense joy of being in a real mfm threesome. also note that even a lioness only scores every 4 hunting trips! aug 2011 



“i like to encourage my dear wife to have intercourse with single , for her sake and mine.

It was almost impossible at first, but now I can openly offer her when appropriate, like this…Say buddy , Thats my wife in the red slacks. want to have a go with her ? She has already told me she would do you if you asked ! Go over and ask her to dance.

i like to encourage my dear wife to have intercourse with single men. i always try to sit so i can see them go into her.



This is my hobby, captions. Cuckold Captions, I have hundreds of originals if you are interested.

This is my hobby, captions. Cuckold Captions, I have hundreds of originals if you are interested.



wifeshare122 , what does that say

To share your wife


one wife to two men  = wife share 1-2-2